Goals and Purpose of the IASC

The International Association of Systemic Coaching (IASC) is an international professional organisation for systemic coaches and mental coaches based in Cologne, Germany.

As a coaching association, we aim to promote high quality standards for coaching and training to become a coach. We also want to offer our members a network platform with numerous advantages. The association’s purpose and objectives of the association’s work can be found in our Regulations.

Nowadays, the word coaching is being used rather excessively for any kind of training, advice and support which is why the IASC sets great value on a systemic and a solution-orientated approach in accordance with serious and professional coaching. This means we believe that coaching is to accompany people in an enjoyable manner to achieve their goal. The systemic approach considers the person as a whole as well as the interdependencies that every person has within their system (family, job, etc.). Solution-orientated means to concentrate on goals, solutions and resources instead of a deficiency analysis.

Find out more about self-understanding and the basic attitude of an IASC-Coach in our ‘Code of Ethics‘ which can be found under ‘Membership‘.

The goals of the IASC are defined in our Regulations  The association has the aim to facilitate professional, constructive, solution-orientated and systemic coaching in theory and in practice. In doing so, a special emphasis is put on the international collaboration of practitioners, instructors and clients.


Organisation of the IASC

The main structures of the IASC consist of the members’ meeting, the chairman, the steering and the educational commitee.

Find out more about the responsibilities and the current structure of the associate’s in the following.

Management board

The management board maintains the on-going business of the association; executing decisions of the members’ meeting and the executive committee.

Dr. phil. Klaus Biedermann, Köln
Vorsitzender des Vorstands

Hendrik Meints, Oelde
Mitglied des Vorstands

Jochen Porath, Wiesbaden
Mitglied des Vorstands

Educational Committee

The educational committee is an element of the IASC which is separate to the educational institutions and is responsible for the quality of the training of the licensed institutions. Amongst others, the educational committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Development and progression of the internal educational curriculum of the association.
  • Regulating the terms of the certification.
  • Inspection and admittance of new lecturers and training instructors.
  • Development of ethical job guidelines for coaches and training instructors.
  • Advice for the management board in case of violations of the curriculum..
  • Cooperation with other organisations.