Benefits of a membership with the IASC

To be a member of the IASC means to support the work of the professional organisation and the implementation of the association’s goals. The members are part of a strong and growing community of highly qualified and professional coaches.
Amongst others, you can benefit from the following advantages as a member of the IA

  • Lobbying for a professional coaching profession
  • To be part of a national and international coach network
  • IASC membership as proof of a professional training as a coach
  • Recommendation of IASC coaches in case of general requests sent to the association
  • Use of the IASC Coach Database as an acquisition platform
  • Links to your own website and social networks
  • Exchange with other coaches in the IASC Facebook and XING Forums
  • Discounts for IASC members on Offers by Educational Institutions
  • Regular IASC Seminars, such as “Theme Days”
  • Offers or discounts on other members’ services

We shape the future of coaching together!

Memberships and subscriptions

The requirements for the admittance to the IASC are the acknowledgement of the code of ethics as well as the regulations of the association. To be fully accepted as a member, one has to prove that he or she has completed training accredited by the IASC or equivalent training as a systemic coach or mental coach. 
The IASC offers several different membership options:

Click here to download the Membership Application.
A request should be addressed to the management board at the IASC offic


Code of Ethics

Members of the IASC and coaches certified by the IASC have agreed to abide by this code of ethics.

1 Coaching principles

  • As an IASC coach, I work goal-, solution-and resource-oriented.
  • I only coach, if I get to the job to do so by my client.
  • My attitude towards my clients is appreciative, respectful and tolerant.
  • I am coaching on a partnership basis and on a level with my client.
  • I make sure that clients can experience their independence and self-responsibility.
  • I am convinced that my client has all the resources he needs to achieve his goal and I will focus on his/ her potential.
  • I appreciate every problem as an approach to a problem.
  • I regard the client as a holistic being and include his/ her life systems in the coaching process.

2 Coaching skills

  • I possess technical, social, personal and emotional skills.
  • Professional expertise: I am obligated to use my knowledge and consulting expertise to the welfare and the interest of the client. I act only within the limits of my competence. I will consult the relevant professionals in interdisciplinary tasks (e.g. doctors and therapists).
  • I am committed to regular further training to keep my professional knowledge and methodological expertise up to date including self-reflection / supervision.
  • Social Skills: I will use my communication skills and techniques for the benefit of the client. I am able to adapt my behaviour adequately to the client and with my approach I shall consider the overall situation of the client in the present and future. When undergoing an act of change I will pay attention to the overall system of the client.
  • Personal and emotional competence: I have access to my own resources and abilities and I possess self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy. I have progressed my personal biography to a great extent.
  • I am responsible for my professional activities in the knowledge of the possible personal and social implications.
  • In case of an interference of the professional ability to act, such as illness or bias, I will make appropriate arrangements.
  • I am responsible for my personal ability to act and reject orders that I cannot run properly or that violate the principles of this code of ethics.

3 Confidentiality and Privacy

  • I oblige myself to observance of professional secrecy and the active protection of the information entrusted to me. I will make sure that all documents of a confidential nature are protected from unauthorized access of a third party and destroyed when needed.
  • I undertake to disclose information only when it is in the interest of those affected and done with their explicit consent.
  • If a disclosure is required by law and has been ordered by the appropriate authority, I will inform the affected people by stating the cause and content of information.

4 Shaping of professional relationships

  • I must not misuse the emerging relations as a result of the professional relationship. Abuse occurs when I do not perceive my responsibility towards the client and satisfy my own personal interests, e.g. of a economic, social, spiritual or sexual nature.
  • For the duration of the coaching relationship, I agree to regularly check whether dependencies, transferences or countertransference’s are existing.
  • I will address conscious dependencies between myself and my client and terminate the coaching process if necessary.
  • I will address and dissolve conscious transferences or countertransference between me and my clients. If this is not possible, I will end the coaching.
  • I respect the dignity and integrity of those whom I am in a professional relationship with, in particular their right of self-determination and self-responsibility.
  • I will openly inform about the possibilities and limitations of the services offered. I will inform the client that his own willingness to change is essential for the success.
  • I will make clear agreements on fees before accepting orders.

5 Activities

  • My details on training, experience and titles are clear and honest and do not give cause for deception.
  • I am committed to honesty and objectivity and proportionality.