IASC Licensed Training Institutes

We are currently working with two training institutes. The collaboration is characterised by a lively exchange, consultation and collegial collaboration. Read up more about the IASC licensed training on the institutes’ websites


ascoach coaching-akademie, Köln

Licensed training:

  • Qualified Systemic Coach (ascoach/ IASC)
  • Qualified Mental Coach (ascoach/ IASC)

Current offers for IASC members


Akademie deutscher Genossenschaften, Montabaur

Licensed training:

  • Qualified Systemic Coach (ADG/ IASC)
  • Qualified Mental Coach (ADG/ IASC)

We are happy to answer your questions about the training institutions or the licensed courses. Please contact our office or send your inquiry directly to the respective institution.


Training Standards of IASC Licensed Institutions

The educational standards of IASC licensed institutions are equal and of a high quality. The examination regulations of the institutes with the IASC licensed courses fulfil no less than the defined quality criteria in the IASC Examination Regulations.

  • Education requirements: University degree or completed vocational training plus at least 5 years of work experience
  • A curriculum of 170 hours during the period of compulsory training, which is spread over 4 modules plus a revision book within at least 12 months
  • One of the modules has to be a self-experience module
  • Further hours of learning through self-study, to create the homework and exam preparation
  • A three-part examination consisting of homework, a written exam or colloquium as well as a demonstration of a coaching situation in front of a group
  • Educational institutions have to successfully complete the training at least three times before gaining certification or recognition


Licensing of Training Institutes

Are you offering trainings to become a systemic coach or mental coach and would like to join a professional coaching association?

Benefits of a IASC Licensing

  • Be part of a national and international coaching network
  • Professionalisation of your training courses by IASC standards
  • IASC logo, e.g. for your documents as an independent quality test seal
  • Possibility of the IASC membership for participants of your courses
  • Added value for the participants of your training
  • Discounted participation in IASC events such as theme days
  • IASC as an acquisition platform (link on the IASC website)

Would you like to learn more about the benefits and possibilities when licensing your courses by the IASC? Please contact the office.

We look forward to meeting you!